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What is the Difference Between F1 and MC?

The new Labgrown is made of the same type of Labgrown crystal as the Forever One brand (called 4H Silicon Carbide). We are lovers of the Forever One Labgrown and continue to proudly offer it. Our new brand is simply a lower cost alternative for those customers who demand high quality, but are on a tighter budget.

The Labgrown brand is colorless (E-F color), visually flawless clarity (VVS+) and the cut and polish is excellent. The Forever One is offered in both colorless (D-F) & near colorless (G-H), VVS+ clarity and the cut and polish is excellent

We are offering the same warranty as Charles & Colvard does on the Forever One Labgrown, including warrantying larger stones (5mm and larger) against damage, although there may be a partial replacement fee in the case of damage.