Recycled Metals

Recycled Gold and Palladium Jewelry

Our company strives to address the negative impacts of gold mining by reducing the demand for newly mined metals. Gold mining, especially through metal mining, has a history of civil war, labor abuses, and environmental devastation, making it one of the most environmentally destructive forms of mining. Moreover, millions of gold miners work in dangerous conditions and earn low wages. Our aim is to play a part in mitigating these issues by promoting sustainable and ethical practices in the jewelry industry.

Our objective is to help diminish the negative impacts of dirty gold by reducing the demand for newly mined metals.

About Our Recycled Precious Metals

Our jewelry production process also prioritizes environmentally responsible practices such as using low-impact studio practices, reducing waste, and minimizing our carbon footprint. By using recycled precious metals, we aim to promote sustainable practices and reduce the demand for newly mined metals, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

The reclaimed precious metals come from numerous post-consumer sources, including existing jewelry, industrial-use metals, and electronics components.