Vickers Hardness Scale

The Vickers Hardness Test is used to measure the hardness of different metals. Below, the number on the right represents the hardness level of the assigned metal. It can be noted that the hardness decreases as you move further down the table.

Metal Hardness
Rhodium (plating) 800 HV
14k White Gold 230 HV
18k White Gold 210 HV
18k Yellow Gold 155 HV
14k Yellow Gold 140 HV
14k Rose Gold 140 HV
Platinum 125 HV
Sterling Silver 75 HV

Note: The Vickers Hardness Test measures the resistance of a material to indentation, so a higher number indicates greater hardness. Diamond, for example, has the highest Vickers hardness value and is considered one of the hardest materials on Earth. Gold and silver have relatively low Vickers hardness values, which makes them more malleable and ductile than harder metals like tungsten carbide and tool steel.