Cultured Gemstones

About our cultured gems

Our lab-grown gemstones are cultured in a similar way to pearls. We replicate natural conditions by placing natural components in an artificial environment, and then we create a combination of chemical and environmental factors that support crystal growth.

Our laboratory conditions are precisely controlled with computer technology, which allows us to maintain consistent temperatures and eliminate impurities that are typically found in natural gemstones. This results in more predictable and consistent crystal growth.

Our lab-grown gemstones have identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to those found in natural gemstones. This makes them a high-quality alternative to natural gemstones.

Chemical Composition

Our rubies and sapphires are lab-created corundum, while our Columbian colored emeralds are lab-created beryl. The alexandrites we offer are lab-created chrysoberyl and exhibit a captivating reddish-purple to bluish-green color shift effect.

Quality of the Gemstones

Our cultured gemstones have undergone a rigorous grading process by the North American Gemological Laboratory, and have been evaluated as having very good to excellent cut, polish, and symmetry.