Does Your White Gold Contain Nickel?

Our standard 14k and 18k white gold alloys are nickel based.

However for many style rings we are happy to offer 18k palladium white gold. This alloy substitutes palladium for nickel and as a result it is hypoallergenic.

18k palladium white gold is a type of white gold alloy that contains a combination of gold, palladium, and other metals such as silver and copper. Palladium is a white metal that belongs to the same family as platinum and has similar properties such as high durability, hypoallergenic, and tarnish resistance.

Compared to regular 18k white gold, which typically contains nickel or other metals that may cause allergic reactions, 18k palladium white gold is a more hypoallergenic but slightly softer option. It also has a slightly darker and cooler tone than regular white gold, which has a brighter and warmer tone.

In terms of purity, both regular 18k white gold and 18k palladium white gold have the same amount of gold content, which is 75%. The remaining 25% is made up of other metals to provide the desired properties and color.

Overall, 18k palladium white gold is a good option for those who want a durable and hypoallergenic white gold alloy with a unique cool tone. However, it may be more expensive than regular 18k white gold due to the higher cost of palladium. It is also slightly softer than standard 18k white gold due to palladium being softer than nickel.