Types of Earring Posts & Backs

Friction (Push) Backs

The most widely used backing for stud earrings is the friction back. This type of backing includes a butterfly-shaped metal disk, commonly known as a push back, which applies pressure to the post inserted into the earlobe. Friction backs are known for their ease of use and simplicity in application and removal.

Our selection includes medium-sized earring backs suitable for stud earrings weighing up to 1.5 carats in total, as well as larger "butterfly" backs for stud earrings weighing 2 carats or more in total.

Threaded (Screw) Backs

Threaded or screw backs for earrings are designed to act like nuts that secure bolts. They are threaded onto the post that goes through the ear, similar to a screw. While they offer a more secure fit than friction backs, some women may find them a bit challenging to put on due to their small size and the threading process required to secure them onto the post.

Compared to other types of earring backs, threaded posts are typically a bit thicker, but this added thickness helps ensure a secure fit. If you are looking for a more secure earring back option, threaded posts can be a great choice.

Locking (Protektor) backs

Locking backs, also known as post and clutch backs, La Pousse, or spring clutch, are characterized by a spring-loaded mechanism that requires squeezing to apply or remove. The posts feature notched grooves that prevent the locking back from slipping off without pressure being applied. While this style provides the most security, it tends to be more expensive than friction and threaded earring backs..