Since 2005, Firecut LLC has proudly been a leading provider of lab-grown gems and jewelry. Renowned as one of the top sources for Moissanite jewelry, we boast the largest selection and the best prices, earning the trust of our customers with over 20,000 5-star reviews online. In 2018, we expanded our offerings to include lab-grown diamonds, further solidifying our commitment to quality and innovation. Now, we are excited to announce the launch of, where you can explore our entire collection of exquisite jewelry crafted with lab-grown diamonds.

Our founders, Michael and Jera Christensen, are upholding a multi-generational jewelry legacy that spans four generations. The company's roots trace back to Las Vegas, NV, where Michael's great-grandfather inaugurated his first store on Fremont Street 90 years ago.

About Labgrown-Christensen Jewelers Store

Recognizing the significance of price-consciousness in our customer community, we have adopted a direct approach in offering lab grown diamond jewelry. Our mission is simple and focused: to showcase an extensive selection of the highest-quality lab grown diamond jewelry at the most competitive prices in the market.

Only The Best Lab Grown Diamonds

At the heart of our commitment to excellence lies our unwavering dedication to using only the finest quality lab-grown diamonds in crafting our jewelry. Every larger diamond in our collection undergoes a rigorous evaluation process, independently certified by a reputable 3rd party gemological lab to validate its exceptional quality. Our commitment to quality extends further with internal layers of scrutiny, where our skilled gemologists meticulously inspect each stone before it finds its place in our jewelry. This meticulous approach ensures that every piece we offer not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of craftsmanship and brilliance.

Made in America

All our exquisite fine jewelry is proudly crafted in the United States. Through collaborations with multiple American jewelry manufacturers, we bring you a diverse selection of pieces. From the initial design to the meticulous casting and precise stone setting, each jewelry item is skillfully created by American artisans based in New York, Nevada, Washington, Ohio, and Louisiana.

Recycled Metals

All our fine jewelry is crafted from 100% recycled precious metals, contributing to a sustainable and ethical approach. Through refining these recycled metals back into their pure elements, we maintain the same high quality as newly mined counterparts. Recognizing the historical issues associated with dirty gold mining, including civil conflicts, labor abuses, and environmental devastation, our goal is to mitigate these negative impacts by decreasing the demand for newly mined metals.