Cuts & Shapes of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Cut To Maximize Fire & Brilliance

Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds share a common approach to cutting and faceting, prioritizing the optimization of their remarkable fire and brilliance, although their origins differ.

In both cases, the cutting techniques have evolved through an in-depth exploration of light's refraction within the gemstone. This exploration led to the development of faceting patterns that elevate the gem's overall luminosity and scintillation, ultimately enhancing its captivating radiance.

The renowned round brilliant cut is a preferred choice for both Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds. Featuring either 57 or 58 facets (depending on the presence of a culet), this cut is celebrated for its ability to unlock the gem's inner brilliance.

Other popular cutting styles for both Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds include the cushion cut, princess cut, and emerald cut. The precise calculation of each facet's number and angle remains paramount in optimizing light penetration and reflection, ensuring that these gemstones exude the highest levels of brilliance and fire.

Additionally, both Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds are subject to specific carat weight determinations based on the size of the rough stone. The objective in cutting is to maximize the gem's size and weight while further enhancing its luminosity and fire. This intricate process demands exceptional craftsmanship, as cutting too shallow or too deep can diminish brilliance or result in a lackluster appearance.

In summary, lab grown diamonds and Natural Diamonds share a common commitment to achieving breathtaking brilliance and fire through meticulous cutting techniques. These techniques take into account the gem's refractive properties and its interaction with light, resulting in gemstones that rival each other in terms of beauty and radiance.

Lab Grown Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant

Labgrown Round Brilliant


Labgrown Cushion


Labgrown Oval


Labgrown Emerald


Labgrown Radiant

Square Brilliant

Labgrown Square Brilliant


Labgrown Heart


Labgrown Trillion