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Are Lab Grown Diamond's Graded on the GIA Color Grading Scale?

Grading Lab Grown Diamonds for Color: Aligning with GIA Standards

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has established a comprehensive color grading scale that is widely employed in the evaluation of diamonds. Remarkably, this very same scale can be seamlessly applied to Lab Grown Diamonds. Let's explore this color grading scale based on GIA's standards:

  • Grades D, E, F: These grades classify diamonds as "colorless." They exhibit a pristine, icy-white appearance, with virtually no discernible color.

  • Grades G, H, I: Falling into the category of "near colorless," diamonds in these grades still appear predominantly white. However, they may exhibit subtle warmth or a hint of steely undertones.

  • Grades J, K: These grades signify "faint color." In diamonds rated in this range, you may begin to notice a slight yellowish tint.

But what does this actually mean for the appearance of these diamonds? Well, diamonds in the D, E, F, and even G grades are virtually indistinguishable in terms of color. They all exude a striking colorless quality, often described as "icy" white. As you progress to grades H and I, the white appearance remains, but you might discern a subtle warmth or a touch of steely hue.

Now, the intriguing question arises: what sets D apart from F color diamonds? In reality, the distinction between these top-tier color grades is practically imperceptible. Discerning the difference necessitates specialized lighting, expert training, and an examination of the diamond or Lab Grown Diamond in an unset, loose state and, interestingly, upside down. Even when these diamonds are set in jewelry and observed under regular lighting conditions, distinguishing between a D color and a G or H color stone can prove to be a challenging task.

In essence, the difference between D and F color grades primarily exists on paper. When it comes to the visual allure and overall appearance of these diamonds, the variance is often negligible. This underscores the remarkable quality and precision involved in grading Lab Grown Diamonds, upholding the same standards as their natural counterparts.